Paidek receives prestigious 2014 Taylor and Francis Award in Capetown, South Africa recognizing the innovation and importance of Pigs for Peace and Rabbits for Resilience in improving the health of women and girls.

Rural villagers living in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have experienced human rights violations disrupting life and disseminating communities.

The genocide in neighboring Rwanda, coupled with the collapse of the Mobutu government (1997) spawned two wars and over two decades of warfare throughout the region, resulting in millions of deaths in what is the deadliest conflict since World War II.

The use of violence and torture as a weapon of war in the DRC, where rebels and soldiers subject women, men and children to brutalizing attacks, rape, torture, and mutilation is a human rights abuse. Survivors of the conflict are often further traumatized by extreme poverty, disease, stigma and social isolation. Engaging in both health and social initiatives is critical for improving
health outcomes.

Congolese families and communities are demonstrating resilience in rebuilding their futures, through active participation in the two Congolese livestock/animal microfinance initiatives: Pigs for Peace and Rabbits for Resilience.

Through the leadership of Mitima Mpanano Remy, Director of Programme d’Appui aux Initiatives Economiques (PAIDEK) and Dr. Nancy Glass, Professor, Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing and Associate Director, Johns Hopkins Center for Global Health exciting initiatives are underway to improve the economic security and health of individuals and families living in rural villages in South Kivu.

This collaboration and partnership is emblematic of the innovation and alliances required to tackle the complex health and social problems challenging global health.

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