Biennial Congress

About ICOWHIThe International Council on Women’s Health Issues (ICOWHI) Congress is held every two years.

The Congress brings together a range of disciplines involved  in women’s health including; nursing and allied health, clinical medicine,  public health, education, epidemiology, law, policy, and social research. The event aims to advance the science and art of women’s health, and provide scientific  meetings for scholars from different disciplines to improve understanding,  education, research, and services related to women’s health, globally.

It is also an opportunity for health professionals and related disciplines to  review multi-dimensional aspects of current women’s health issues and  facilitate partnerships and networks to enhance women’s health status, their social equality, and quality-of-life.

For information on the 2016 Congress, please click here.

Past Congress Locations

  • 1984 – Halifax (Canada)
  • 1986 – Halifax (Canada)
  • 1988 – Tampa (USA)
  • 1990 – Palmerston North (New Zealand)
  • 1992 – Copenhagen (Denmark)
  • 1994 – Gabarone (Botswana)
  • 1996  – Khon Kaen (Thailand)
  • 1997  – Saskatoon (Canada)
  • 1998  – Alexandria (Egypt)
  • 1999  – Indianapolis (USA)
  • 2000  – San Francisco (USA)
  • 2001  – Wilmington (USA)
  • 2002  – Seoul (Korea)
  • 2003  – Victoria British Columbia (Canada)
  • 2004  – Sao Pedro, Sao Paulo (Brazil)
  • 2006  – Sydney (Australia)
  • 2008  – Gaborone (Botswana)
  • 2010  – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA)
  • 2012 – Bangkok (Thailand)
  • 2014 – Cape Town (South Africa)
The Global Network of WHO Collaborating Centres (WHOCCs) for Nursing and Midwifery Development
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